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- 93 year old client

“I like to come to music therapy. You make us think and use our brains!” 

– Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

"Residents in our community love when Jacquie comes for music therapy. It's a joy to see verbal and non-verbal residents engaged and enjoying every minute!"

- 80 year old client

“You bring so much joy to our day!”

– Denise Jenney

"Hospice music therapy provided my loved one with a reconnection to powerful memories when he could no longer get outside or enjoy hobbies. In addition, his speech was virtually gone so he could not connect verbally. Yet, Jacquie’s targeted music tapped into his emotions and brought him to life. She researched his life and history so that all music would make a powerful impact. He would smile, look around, and even play the drum along with the music. During one session, she played his college fight song and his face lit up and he drummed the entire song. He often struggled with anxiety from his profound dementia and music therapy truly brought peace to him."

- Lisa Meacham, Administrator/Owner

"Music Therapy is a program we utilize at Beehive Homes of Glenpool. It is so rewarding to see my residents participate and sing along. Those who remain quiet the rest of the day will smile, join in playing instruments, participate in conversation and sing along to the music that is presented and played during music therapy. Continue to keep up the great work Jacquie, and continue creating those moments of JOY one song at a time!"

- Mary, Social Services

“Jacquie is always patient, kind and joined the clients where they were by listening to
and asking questions to gain insight into where they are in the disease process.”

When words fail, music speaks. - Hans Christian Anderson

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